Ayurveda - means Science of Life.  
It is the oldest form of holistic medicine
(6000 yrs old) that comes from India.

It has been both tested & proved over the years.
Documented Sanskrit writings were discovered
dating back 3000 years and since then
have been translated into many languages.

Vata, Kapha and Pitta are three fundermental ayurvedic types.  Most often our body is a combination of 2 or more, determined from various influences in our life from the time of conception till the end of life.

An imbalance of these doshas caused by unhealthy lifestyles can manifest itself in diseases.

When we understand our body type, it is easier for us to know what needs to be done to rectify the situation and regain balance 

"Whatever we can do to strengthen our own health, works better than what others can do for us!" (D. Frawley.)

On request an appointment will be arranged for an initial consultation.

Following a detailed case study, you will get:

  • Diagnosis of your individual constitutional type
  • Diet and Auxillary measures recommendation
  • Lifestyle counseling
  • Constitutional advice 

Individual Ayurvedic recommendation includes...

  • Abhyanga - Full Body Massage
  • Shiroabhyanga - Head massage
  • Mukhabhyanga – Face massage
  • Kadi Vasty – Special Back treatment
  • Janu Vasty – Special Knee treatment
  • Netra Tarpana - Special eye treatment
  • Reflexology and more...