Monday 6 Okt. 2014

Wednesday 8 Okt 2014

Friday 10 Okt. 2014


6 x 90min. Plus introductory talk on concept of AYUR-YOGA


19:00 – 20:30 pm

Cours fee

€ 96.-

Group Size

Maximum 10 Persons


Kindergarten Sieghartstein



Sighartstein 37
Neumarkt 5202







Indian Spices

Estimating only the nutritional value of food is not sufficient.  It is also important to know the art and philosophy of combining and preparing food according to the age old wisdom of Ayurveda!

As per demand, I will plan a workshop at Neumarkt for maximum 6 Persons.

Those of you who are interested, please contact me at:




Ayur-Yoga Seminar in Dubai,  October 2011

I enjoyed my sessions with Dr Clarissa more than I have with other Yogis. Her method was not of instructing the steps, it was educating, so I understood why I was doing what I was doing while learning the technique and nuances that she took care to explain. The result for me was relaxing and invigorating, perfect balance!  

Bettina T.M.
Entrepreneur, Dubai UAE


What a wonderful, enlightening and energetic session. I felt so much better after it and even the positive energy got me positive news at the end of it. 
Definitely worth a try for the money.

Ingrid. Dubai UAE

Just wanted to say “Thank you” for a most wonderful, peaceful and relaxed session of AyurYoga we experienced together at Bett’s place during your visit to Dubai last week. 
I must say, was impressed with the hourly session as a whole, with the links into Ayurvedic knowledge of the ancestors, and its unique combination with Yoga to de-stress and revitalize our every day.  The combination works a marvel, in bringing together the right selection of our food intake, combined with minimal yoga daily (20 mins) to ensure a good balance and good health. 
I particularly liked the opening chant of the ‘Om’, and how you transcribed it’s meaning, so as to enlighten those that may mistake it for any other connotation. 
In all would say that it is a good product, if practiced on a regular basis & would be lovely to attend the next time round when you’re in Dubai.  

Zenaida, Dubai UAE